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New Details About Human Element Have Been Revealed, The Game is a 5v5 Shooter

Just days ago developer Robotoki revealed a new trailer for their upcoming title Human Element. At the time no new details were revealed, but that has now changed.

Human Element is a multiplayer shooter, set in a post-apocalyptic environment. If you wish to know more about the apocalypse, I believe one word will be enough to explain it for you: Zombies!

In the game, players will be divided into two teams, consisting of 5 members each. You will be tasked to build fortifications and defend outposts. You will be doing all this while you’re exploring an open world and attempting to control 5 resource caches at the same time.

Once your team is able to take control of a cache, the whole team will get a boost in health, and the game will also have respawn option.

The developer of the game describes Human Element as ‘Team Death Match meets Domination’ and further adds:

Each hero represents a specific survivor faction, each with a unique play-style, ability, and weapon. Build a roster of survivors for a variety of gameplay or team up with 4 friends to form a unique strategy to take on rival groups.

Every successful supply run adds to your experience, allowing you to upgrade your survivor with each rank; unlock new abilities and weapons as you progress.

What’s really unique is that you can turn Al guards into zombies by using something called ‘Human Element.’ This can be highly useful to cause chaos before you attack an outpost.

Human Element is going to be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in late 2015.