New 3DS Update 9.3.0-21 Adds Multiple Themes, Amiibo Support and More

Nintendo has released a new update for their 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS systems. The update dubbed as version 9.3.0-21, will allow users of the handhelds to use multiple themes and capture screenshots on both the upper and lower screens.

Moreover this new update is going to add amiibo support for new 3DS systems in Japan and Australia. After the update, users will notice an amiibo settings menu on the Home Menu.

Using this new menu you can register the owner and also give a nickname to the amiibo.

For now, there are no 3DS titles that support amiibo figurines but since the update adds the feature to 3DS, it won’t be long before the games start supporting it as well.

While the new models have built-in NFC, older 3DS and 2DS models will require an NFC adapter if you wish to use amiibo figurines.

You can check out the changelog for this update below:

  • A Shuffle Favorites feature has been added under Change Theme in HOME Menu Settings. Users can choose multiple themes and have their theme change when the system is left in Sleep Mode from the HOME Menu or turned on after being off
  • Available software updates can now be downloaded from the HOME Menu
  • Users can now capture screenshots with both the upper and lower screens included

You can also read more about update 9.3.0-21 by following the link here.

Nintendo has already released the first wave of amiibo figures which include Mario, Fox, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Peach, Link and more. While the second wave is going to be released soon. You can check out the line-up and prices here.