League of Legends Locked Out Spells To Be Addressed With The Upcoming Patch

Fans who have spent hours and hours playing League of Legends would know the importance of timing the Qs and the Ws, but some of the players have been reporting that they are coming across an issue which is locking out the spells for some characters.

Four characters have been mentioned by most of the players i.e. Varus, Sion, Vel’koz and Vi. Channeled spells of these characters are getting locked out, which isn’t allowing players to use the abilities throughout the whole match.

However, Riot Games are well aware of this problem and have assured that they have found the cause behind this problem. A fix will be coming out along with the next patch update 4.21.

We’ve got a fix for a bug that affects Varus, Vi, Sion and Vel’koz, where their channeled spells can sometimes get permanently locked out, coming in the next patch.

Fingers crossed there’s only one cause of that problem. It’s possible there are additional bugs however so if you see this again after patch 4.21 goes out please do let us know.

Those of you experiencing this problem in League of Legends will not have to go through it for too long, as the patch 4.21 will be deployed tomorrow.

Have you experienced this issue with any of the four characters? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: LOL Boards