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Kings of Kung Fu Out On Steam Early Access

Publisher Digital Tribe has announced its next project: Kings of Kung Fu. It has launched the game on Steam now, via Early Access.

Right now, a copy of Kings of Kung Fu costs $7.99 or a less equal €7.99, but there’s a 33% discount running until December 15, 2014. Moreover, the Early Access price is said to be a bargain to reward those who provide feedback during development.

As you’d imagine, Kings of Kung Fu is a fighting game, set up as the standard side-scrolling model. There are eight characters with their own martial arts expertise that enter a tournament to become the very best, like no one ever was.

Characters are styled after certain figures from martial arts cinema. As such, it’s easy to recognize Bruce Lee as one of the prominent figures.

In Kings of Kung Fu’s arcade mode, each fighter will end up against Red Ronin, the boss for the game. Each person will use their style for a unique move set, which totals over 100 attacks.

Kings of Kung Fu is expected to leave Early Access as soon as late January. Developer Jay Bowman stated:

This won’t be one of those stuck in Early Access abandoned titles. I’ve come too far and sacrificed too much to get here. With the help of the fans and my partners at Digital Tribe this game will see an official release.

Everything in Kings of Kung Fu, from its shaking screens and grainy filters to the hollow sounds, were created with the vision of mimicking grand martial art flicks.