Here’s How Silent Hills P.T. Looks on Unreal Engine 4

PlayStation fans would remember P.T., the Playable Teaser of Silent Hills that was released to their consoles some time ago.

Everyone who had the chance of playing it, loved it and wanted to get the full game so that they could enter the complete world of Silent Hills.

However, have you considered how the PT would have looked if it had been developed on Unreal Engine 4? The video above will show you!

A fan of the series has taken months out of his life just to recreate the whole thing using Unreal Engine 4 which is a serious achievement if you check out what he has done with the game – considering he was doing it all alone.

The last we heard of the latest Silent Hills game was when the possibility of an Xbox One version was being debated back in September, or when Kojima revealed that he was considering releasing the game in episodes.

The video above is one chunk that really made me ask for a complete playable version of the Silent Hill P.T.; do tell us if that is how you felt too.