Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 2 Releases Today; Xbox One To Get it Later

Players have been enjoying their time with Dragon Age: Inquisition since its release; however, at the same time, some of the players have encountered numerous issues that needed fixing.

Bioware has taken note of that and has announced that a new patch for the award winning RPG will be released sometime later today for all platforms except Xbox One.

No date has been mentioned for Xbox One release of the patch 2, but we will keep you updated as developers reveal more.

First patch for Dragon Age: Inquisition was released on Day 1, and now this second patch is coming out which will take care of a lot of players’ concerns.

It is said to fix the conversation issues, some quest problems, combat, UI, multiplayer bugs, exploits and more. A special fix for the PC players will improve the overall experience and remove the graphical glitches.

Furthermore, patch 2 will bring some stability changes to all platforms so the gameplay can be a lot smoother.

Bioware assures that the issues that haven’t been addressed with this patch, are being worked on and a fix for them will be out in the near future.

No patch notes have been made available just yet, but you can keep track of the update on Bioware’s official blog.

Do try out the patch and let us know about the changes and improvements that are still needed