Destiny Expansion 1: The Dark Below Is Now Available

The first major expansion for Bungie’s Destiny, The Dark Below has now been released on PSN and XBLA. Players can head down to their respective online stores and download the expansion, which is priced at $20 in North America.

You can also grab this expansion as part of Destiny’s expansion pass, which will cost you $34.99. This pass will also include, House of Wolves, the second major DLC for the game.

Moreover, PlayStation 3 and 4 owners will enjoy some exclusive content in The Dark Below. Although the content is a timed-exclusive, it will remain exclusive till Autumn 2015.

There is a new raid mission called Cortana’s End, that will give you a new challenge and new enemies to take down. Keep in mind that the lead player must have a level of 30, in order for all 6 players to enter this raid.

The Dark Below features the following Strikes:

  • The Seeding
  • The Wakening
  • The Veil Lifted

Furthermore, the following story missions are included:

  • Will of Cortana
  • Blades of Cortana (Community Event)
  • Under Laying Mind (Sony Exclusive)

Apart from this content, The Dark Below will feature three Crucible Maps as well.

You will also be introduced to a new non-playable character. Her name is Eris Morn. She will be your new point of contact and will offer you vanity items and bounty missions. Since she is a vendor, you can find her at the main plaza of the tower.

She sells, Cloaks, Shadders, Emelems, Warlock Bonds and other items.

The Dark Below is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.