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Block N Load is Minecraft-like, Fast Paced Yet Strategic Shooter by Jagex

Jagex is known mostly for browser-based titles that are free to play. It is also known foor making RuneScape and the in development title Stellar Dawn.

However, their latest endeavor is something else. The game is called Block N Load, which surely makes sense if you know what the game is about i.e. shooting and block building.

The latter makes it look a lot like Minecraft, and the shooter elements bring Team Fortress 2 to my thoughts. Let’s focus on the game at hand however.

So this is not your typical shooter, this is a game where strategy plays awfully important roles since you will also be building defenses as well as offensive structures. Of course when you are done with that, you would be going all in (mostly) to take on the enemy bases.

In total, you six types of heroes to choose from that include robots, ninjas, doctors and more. Each one of them will, of course, provide a tactical advantage of its own.

In words of David Solari the VP of Block N Load at Jagex, this game is unlike anything that Jagex has done in the past which means you are up for a change:

We’ve been building Block N Load for a while now, and we’re immensely excited by how the game is shaping up. Block N Load represents a true departure from the type of games that Jagex is known for; it’s not browser-based, it’s not free-to-play, and it’s not an MMO.

Naturally, being a different kind of experience for them, Jagex is going to need a lot of Intel regarding what is right and what is wrong with the game.

This is where the beta phase comes in. According to what the developers have told us, we should be seeing the beta test run in the next couple of weeks. So that is your chance to figure out what you think of it.

So what else is there that the developers can brag about in Block N Load? Well, there is goin to be an ever evolving world where you will not be replaying the same game ever. You get to choose from multiple types of heroes that affect your playstyle.

Last but not the least; the combat elements are fast paced but the block builder side of the game is strategic producing a nice blend of the two. So far, we don’t know the exact release date of the game, but it is expected to hit Steam in the coming year.

Would you be signing up for the Block N Load Beta?