20th Anniversary PS4 Consoles Selling at a Crazy Price on Ebay

Just recently, Sony announced the 20th anniversary edition of PS4. The console was inspired by the design of the first PlayStation. Sony also revealed that only 12,300 of such units will be made and sold around the world.

The official price of the device was set at $499 and as expected, soon after the PS4 was available for pre-order, it went out of stock.

However, the device was then put-up for auction on Ebay by people who were lucky enough to get the system pre-ordered. Before I tell you the amount it was being sold for, I would like to ask you that how much will you be willing to pay for such a rare machine? $700? $1000 maybe?

Get this, someone purchased the 20th anniversary PS4 for more than $15,000. Yes! you read it right, the amount is $15,100 to be exact.

The seller (technologysupps) was paid in full and “money is in the bank” according to him. He further added:

“If these consoles are extremely hard to get now [after] they have just been available for pre-order for just one hour before it sold out, imagine the odds in probability in obtaining one in 10 years, let alone 5 years from now. I expect the value of these consoles to be astronomical within the coming years.”

That’s just one case, in another auction the 20th anniversary edition was sold for $20,000. This is a staggering price for a system that hasn’t even shipped yet.

The console is still available on Ebay via various sellers, with the demanding price ranging from $18,000 to $22,500.

Are your pockets deep enough to pick one up?