Vault Space In Destiny Might Soon Be Increased By Bungie

Destiny has been available for a few months now and fans have been sending their feedback to developer Bungie. This helps Bungie make changes and improvements to the game according to the feedback received.

One of the most requested feature, according to Bungie, is the increase in Vault space. More space means, Guardians can save more items and gear.

Fortunately, it seems as though Bungie might be planning to add this feature in the near future or at least it’s on their to-do list.

Speaking in an interview, Bungie’s community manager David Dague commented on this by saying:

I want so badly for us to add more space to the Vault, because it is a constant, constant piece of feedback… People want to be collectors, and, if we need to expand the Vault in order to let people hold on to their things, then it’s something that we’re talking about.

Moreover, Dague commented on some fans requesting a raise in the Glimmer level. He explained that all of this is under consideration, and they will look to add these things as quickly as they can.

The current Glimmer cap is 25,000 which seems a lot for one character. However, considering that all the Guardians a player has created share the same pool, 25,000 seems pretty thin.

Hopefully, Bungie will introduce these things into the game among other fan requested features. Which I am sure they will soon, considering they have a ten years plan for Destiny. So, it’s important to keep things fresh don’t you think?

Source: IGN