Uncharted 4: Troy Baker Will Voice Nathan Drake’s Brother

After a year long wait, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was revealed in a proper manner. Some awesome, fast-paced, action packed gameplay was revealed at the PlayStation Experience Event held by Sony.

The 15 minute footage showed stunning visuals and gameplay mechanics, which Naughty Dog has done an impressive job with. Just at the end of the video, you’ll notice a new male character, and as soon as he speaks his first words, you’ll know who he is.

The new character who’s name isn’t yet revealed, is non-other than the older brother of our charismatic protagonist, treasure hunter Nathan Drake.

Since the reveal of this character, speculations were being made regarding the voice behind this new addition. One popular belief was that this was the famous Troy Baker.

It has now been confirmed that this new character is indeed voiced by Baker himself. The news was confirmed by Troy Baker on twitter, who shared his dialogue from the gameplay video:

‘Good to see you’re alive, little brother.’ Yes, that was me. Damn proud.

What’s more interesting is that the voice we heard last year in the brief announcement video for the game, belonged to Todd Stashwick. Who later left the role along with Amy Hennings.

Todd has now confirmed that he was playing the role of Nathan Drake’s brother, the same role which now belongs to Troy Baker.

When the first footage was revealed, it was believed that the voice belongs to the antagonist of the game. So if Todd was Nathan’s brother, does that mean Nathan’s older brother is the lead antagonist of the game?

We’ll know once Uncharted 4 comes out in 2015 but do let us know what you think of this theory in the comments.

Source: Twitter