The Dark Below Purchase on PS4 Blocking Destiny From Booting Up

Destiny players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Dark Below expansion, but some of the PS4 users who bought this expansion on its own, are experiencing an issue which is not allowing them to play the game until the expansion has been unlocked.

After the purchase, whenever players try to boot up Destiny, they are confronted by a countdown clock which is showcasing the hours left until The Dark Below unlocks. Some of the workarounds like disabling internet connection, turning PS4 on and off are not working either.

Few players managed to fix the issue by deleting all the application data and re-installing. However, this is not recommended as the expansion will unlock at midnight today, so the reasonable solution would be to wait until then.

It has also been brought to attention that this issue is only faced by the players who bought the digital version of Destiny, so, if the issue is not resolved by midnight, then the players will have to go through the whole installation process once again.

The problems of this sort are quite annoying for the players, but hopefully, after the launch of The Dark Below, players will be able to boot up the title without any further issues or there will be a hotfix to address the problem.

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