Super Time Force Ultra has Shuhei Yoshida as Playable Character

Fans of Super Time Force Ultra must have been siked to hear that the game is going to make its way to PlayStation 4. However, there is more to it; this is the first game ever to feature Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida as a playable character.

The news was announced by Nathan Vella the cofounder and president of Capybara Games through a post on the official PlayStation US Blog. This is also where he shared details on what the game is going to bring to the table:

Though the game is crammed to the brim with action, explosions and lotsa’ dumb jokes, the real star of STFU is the Time-Out mechanic: Players can stop time, rewind through the level and jump back into the action with a new character.

At this point you’re playing with yourself (errr… ahem…), blasting alongside your previous lives, collaborating with them in a glorious collage of mayhem that we call: SINGLE PLAYER CO-OP!

The post also detailed how the game is a ‘crazy romp through the space-time continuum’ where you can go back and forth in 6 different time periods using the Mega Man style world.

Super Time Force Ultra is actually an updated version of Super Time Force that was originally released to Xbox 360 and Xbox One in May this year and later in August to PC.

The game is slated for release on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 sometime in spring 2015 but we don’t know the exact release date yet. We will update you as soon as the developers share a date, so keep checking back for more!