Sony Expected to Reveal PS4 Plans for China on December 11

Sony is expected to talk about its plans for the PS4 in China in an upcoming press conference on December 11.

There have been numerous reports of how the console will be cheaper in the region at launch, compared to the already present Xbox One. Sony however has yet to officially confirm the reports. It also has yet to mention a release date and possible bundles and more.

In other news, a series of DDoS attacks have continued to disrupt PlayStation Network services. In a tweet sent out by the official PlayStation Twitter account, Sony acknowledged the issues players have been facing with the PSN.

During these attacks, many were unable to log into their accounts, while those who were already signed in were either kicked out or were finding it terribly difficult to play online.

“PSN update: We are aware of the issues some users are experiencing, and are working to address them. We’ll keep you updated,” promised Sony.

DDoS attacks crippling company’s servers is nothing new nowadays. In the past week, similar attacks were done on Steam as well.