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PSN is Now Back Online After Suffering From Connectivity Issues [Update]

Sony has revealed that the PSN is up and running again and users will not encounter any further issues.

Original Story:
A large number of users have been experiencing issues with PSN since yesterday, and when the reports of the errors started to hit the web, Sony acknowledged the issue and stated via twitter that a fix is being worked on.

The PSN issues have stopped some players from signing in altogether, and whenever they do sign in, they get the notification of maintenance going on.

There was no official announcement regarding any maintenance, so players knew that there has to be a problem that isn’t allowing them to go online.

The famous hacking group Lizard Squad claimed the responsibility for taking down PSN on twitter where they wrote:

Lizard Squad has really picked up the pace since last couple of months, as they were behind the attacks that took down Xbox Live, Valve, Blizzard and more.

The fix for the PSN issue is being worked on and hopefully, players will be able to go online and enjoy the the features sooner rather than later.

Are you experiencing any problems with PSN since yesterday? Let us know in the comments below.