New The Master Chief Collection Patch is Out, Irons Out Matchmaking Issues Further

Another week, another patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. We know that the game has been having issues, a lot of them actually. However, I wonder how bad the situation is, that the game still needs improvements even after almost a month of its release.

Since the game’s launch on November 11, 343 has been hard at work to fix and resolve a number of issues with the game; be it matchmaking, party issues, UI, achievements or stability.

The developer has now released a new patch for the game which deals with the notorious matchmaking problem of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

And since matchmaking bugs are not the only ones infecting the game, this patch will also make some needed improvements to party and custom games.

Moreover, it’s a shame and is highly disappointing when you work so hard to unlock an achievement and it just doesn’t work. Players who were having issues with unlocking some achievements will be happy to know that this issue has been resolved.

You will now have no problems while unlocking achievements such as Too Close To The Sun, Devastating, You’re Joking and Monopolized.

You can see some of the highlights from the patch notes below:

  • Made improvements to matchmaking team balance
  • Made an update to improve matchmaking search times and success rates, specifically expediting the “Players Found” and “Connecting Session” search phases
  • Made improvements to prevent a player’s rank from resetting unexpectedly
  • Made an update to resolve an issue that allowed players to be placed into an incorrect lobby after a matchmaking game
  • Made improvements to prevent the party from being disbanded upon returning to lobby
  • Made an update to ensure that players are sorted by team in the “Match Found” screen
  • Resolved an issue where Team Slayer matches in Halo 3 could separate players onto individual teams
  • Resolved an issue where players could be placed into a group of 7 players and unable to find more
  • Made improvements to ensure that the party-leader is prompted to “Bring Party” when leaving a lobby

If you wish to update your game, you just need to log-in to Halo:TMCC and it will prompt you to update it. Just follow the instructions to update the game. You can read more about the changelog, by following the link here.