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GameStop Offering New Incentives for Destiny: The Dark Below and Battlefield: Hardline

Retailer GameStop is offering new bonuses to go along with the purchase of Destiny’s first expansion pack The Dark Below and Battlefield: Hardline.

Purchasing Destiny’s expansion pack from any GameStop retailer will net you a free poster. On the other hand pre-ordering Battlefield: Hardline through them will earn you the Precision Battle Pack which is exclusive to GameStop. This pack comes with an exclusive camo skin, an XP boost and a highly accurate rifle. The camo skin and rifle may probably end up with a future DLC bundle. Nothing really stays exclusive for long and pre-order bonuses are seldom kept for a few.

Destiny: The Dark Below expansion releases tomorrow on both the PlayStation and Xbox, where the former will enjoy access to extra content. Battlefield: Hardline is scheduled for release on March 17 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.