First Far Cry 4 Mod NaMODste Turns Up Difficulty in Some Areas

It has not been a long time since release but the first Far Cry 4 Mod is already here. The mod is called NaMODste which is quite witty as it mixes up ‘MOD’ with the Hindi greetings ‘Namaste.’

Now don’t expect it to completely revamp how the game works; mods like that would take a little longer than this. However NaMODste does change some of the things in the game making in tougher in some areas while making it simpler in others.

First off, the prices on which you can buy weapons in the Far Cry 4 mod are different. Playing on Easy doesn’t change anything but playing on Normal doubles the price you will have to pay to get any weapon. Similarly, playing on Hard triples the amount required.

Usually, you would get free guns when you liberate radio towers in Kyrat; but not with NaMODste; this time you will still have to either buy them or find an enemy with the said gun.

When playing the Far Cry 4 mod, you will not be able to see the outlines of your enemies from the other sides of buildings even after tagging them. While it is a completely different story when you disable tagging; even after tagging them, all you will see are the red markers. Similarly, objective markers on the HUD will also not be shown.

Other things that the mod gets rid of include icons of discovered locations, and most of the icons that clutter the place. When trying to figure out what is in store in a certain place, you will have to hover the cursor over it to find out about missions, forts, outposts etc.

How you handle the weapons is also going to change; for instance you will be able to choose more attachments for you weapons. Some other changes have also been made to let you access the syringe and weapons wheel separately along with some other control changes.

You might want to check out the Facebook page for more information on the modder and the Far Cry 4 mod.