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Expect Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 4 to Fix Most of the Issues

Ever since Assassin’s Creed Unity has been released, players have been complaining about a long list of issues that have been plaguing what was originally supposed to be the best game in the series had it not been marred with glitches.

Parallel to that, Ubisoft has been working to fix the game from the very instance we heard of the first bug and apparently, they are closing in on the major issues now.

The live updates page on their official website has listed some of the primary problems that they are going to address in the upcoming patch 4 which suggests that the said update will rid us of most of the issues we are facing.

Top of the list is the game crashing bug that takes over as soon as you load a saved game. The developers are really working hard on this one:

We’re devoting a lot of attention to this one and we have a workaround (try taking your system offline and reload your save, you should be able to play offline). Most instances of this crash will be eliminated in Patch 4, but if you do still encounter this issue after the Patch is applied please file a Customer Support ticket to help us identify what your issue is so we can create a fix for it.

Then there is the Error CE-34878-0 for PlayStation 4; the initiates legacy recognition issues, companion app issues and so on.

What other issues are you facing in Assassin’s Creed Unity that have not been listed here? Let us know so that the developers can be notified.