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Evolve Developers Discuss eSports, Modding, Scrapped Ideas for the Game

Turtle Rock Studios has shaped up Evolve pretty well; well enough for the community to demand so much information from them that they had to hold an AMA session on Reddit.

They had a lot to share!

With a game like Evolve it is natural that some of the community members would want to see how it could work in eSports. According to the developers, that isn’t a longshot; in fact they do have a basic idea on how it would work:

Our initial idea was squads of five. Our monster plays against your Hunters. Your Monster plays against our Hunters. Play one match straight up. If our Hunters win and our Monster wins, we’re done. We move onto the next round. If both our Monsters win, we go into some sort of tie breaker.

Another important aspect touched by the developers was the modding community and their cope with the game. Turtle Rock says that they are ‘hopeful’ that things will be opened up for modding, but not owning the engine will cause a lot of ‘roadblocks.’ They say that ‘if we can, we will.’

Last but not the least, they shared a couple of ideas that were scrapped by them and top of a list was a much more dynamic and important wildlife. They had actually planned to develop the wildlife so much that it would kind of play like a third team.

This could have, sometimes, resulted in the wildlife doing the damage that was actually the objective of the hunters or the monster. Many ideas regarding different hunters and monsters were also scrapped because there were ‘more ideas than [they] had time and budget for.’

So what do you think; can Evolve be a modding and/ or eSports success?