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Driveclub is Getting Dynamic Weather in an Update Today

The launch of PlayStation exclusive Driveclub has been so troubled that questions were raised against the effect it might have on the repute of Sony itself. However, the developers have been trying to turn things around for a while now.

In fact, they are releasing steady updates to fix and add more things to the racing title. The latest we have on that front is an update that is bound to hit your consoles today.

According to a post that was made on the official Facebook profile of the game, the said update will finally introduce dynamic weather.

Couple of hours ago the developers shared the news alongside a small video so that you can get a glimpse of the extreme weather conditions that you are going to be playing in once the patch is in. Check it out below.

As you can see, things really look wet and messy in the game. All this is great but obviously you would want to know what other weathers the game is going to bring you; may be some snow? Do check back with us for the full details on the update later.

Parallel to that, the challenge system of Driveclub was re-enabled by Evolution Studios couple of days ago so you can bring your friends to test now.

The system had been taken off of the game right after release amid countless server issues.

Don’t you think that features like dynamic weather are supposed to be something that comes with the game? Isn’t this a bit too late for adding these things considering the game was released way back on October 7 – and that players have had ample time to get their interest waned?