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Civilization: Beyond Earth Patch Brings Numerous Tweaks and Fixes

Firaxis Games has released a new patch for Civilization: Beyond Earth, one which brings numerous balances and fixes for bugs.

One of the major gameplay changes is that the Clear Miasma function will now unlock upon development of Ecology. Previously this was possible through Alien Biology. Additionally Miasmic Repulsor will now unlock through Alien Biology instead of Ecology.

The new patch modifies your explorer’s stats as well. Based on your Affinity choices, Harmony level 1 now grants Miasma Immunity, while Purity level 1 adds double combat strength when defending to all Explorer units. Also, Explorers now have 6 Combat Strength, which is an increase from 3.

Sponsor perks have gone through some changes. Elodie’s Ability now provides one free Virtue for every 10 Virtues earned normally through Culture. Aristocrats now earn +4 energy per city with no health bonus, while artists generate 3+ culture per city, also with no health bonus.

In the UI department, the menu now displays EQAA modes instead of MSAA modes if in Mantle version. There’s an added option to disable UI/Map blur and players are now informed that enabling max turns disables victory achievements.

You can read the full patch notes here.

The game should automatically update as soon as you log into your Steam account.