Borderlands Online MMORPG Announced For China, Four Classes Detailed

China based video game company, Shanda Interactive has announced that they in collaboration with Gearbox & 2K, are working on an MMORPG called Borderlands Online that will only be available on PC and mobile devices in China.

Borderlands gained its popularity based on its fun shooting, loot system and concept design, and Borderlands Online will include all of these features.

Apart from making the announcement, Shanda Interactive has shared the details on four playable classes of the MMORPG.

Just like before, each class has its own identity, skills tree, abilities and talents. First on the list is Merceneary, who is the master of firearms and blasting techniques. Furthermore, he has the ability to call Nano Turrets into the battle which will assist him.

Secondly, we have got Firecharming. She is a mage and can use a firebird to deal a whole lot of damage to her opponents.

Then there’s Dragon, who is an extremely strong Berserker. He has the ability to inflict great damage to the opponents through his melee attacks.

Finally, we have Windhunter, who is an assassin and her weapon of choice is Sniper Rifle. She has the ability to summon a Mechanical Wing to deal damage to the enemies.

Currently, there is no word on whether Borderlands Online will make its way to other regions or not, but fans in China will be able to get their hands on the title in early 2015, when it enters into beta.

Source: 17173 News