Santa Monica Studio Confirms New God of War

The rumors have finally been put to rest and Sony Santa Monica Studio is indeed working on a new God of War title for the PlayStation 4.

The reveal came during a God of War retrospective panel at yesterday’s PlayStation Experience held in Las Vegas. While answering audience questions, Santa Monica Studio’s Creative Director Cory Barlog confirmed that development on the game is underway.

He didn’t offer any more details except that it was too soon for a reveal and that they’ll have more to show within “the next year or two”. He also confirmed one fact that the game will not be a prequel.

However, that also doesn’t entirely confirms it to be a sequel. Earlier statements from Sony’s Scott Rohde and speculations gathered from the web indicate that it’s possible the new God of War is going to be a reboot.

Barlog refused to answer if the series protagonist Kratos will return. It’s hard to imagine a God of War game without the ashed covered warrior. In fact, it’s probably a given that he’ll return because a God of War title without Kratos is going to be a huge gamble on Sony’s part.

God of War 3 ended on a high note without much room to carry on. It’ll be most interesting to know how they plan to progress the storyline.