Until Dawn Gets a New Trailer At The Game Awards 2014

At The Game Awards 2014, Sony showed a pretty brief trailer for their upcoming PS4 exclusive, Until Dawn. The footage is just a minute long and features a women (wearing a towel) trying get away from a mad-man, wearing a clown mask.

The man spots her in the living room and gives her the count of ten, offering her with an opportunity to run and hide. So that he can have the pleasure of hunting her down.

The women threw something at her, which looks like a lamp I guess. However, this object had no effect on the large fellow and he storms towards her as she runs for her life.

Entering a bedroom, she closes the door and hides herself under the bed. Just moments after, the clown mask wearing man enters the room. At this point, the player is given the option to either run away or stay under the bed and keep quiet.

You have the option to do either but in the footage, the player choose to stay under the bed. Which, I have to say didn’t end well for the poor women.

Just moments after choosing the option to stay under the bed, the man gives a pretty creepy laugh, bends down and pulls the women from under the bed by grabbing her leg.

And that’s it. The footage ends with an Until Dawn logo and doesn’t show what the psychopath has in-stored for the women.

Does he kill her or use her as a bait to capture her friends? The answer won’t be revealed until the game comes out, and we find ourselves in the same situation.

Sony is holding a PlayStation Experience Event today, so we might see more of Until Dawn. Moreover, the game is given a release date of summer 2015.