Street Fighter V Officially Announced, Will Only Release for PS4 and PC

Yoshinori Ono, longtime producer of the Street Fighter franchise, took center stage at the ongoing PlayStation Experience to officially announce Street Fighter V.

The official announcement comes in the footsteps of yesterday’s leak and confirms that the new installment will only release for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

In the last 24 hours, many have speculated to the game being console-exclusive for a limited time period, but moments before those speculations were turned down.

It was also revealed that the game will feature cross-platform play between both the PS4 and PC platforms. Seeing how each side opts for controllers and arcade sticks, this is going to be just perfect.

Sony is taking special interest in this installment and has partnered with Capcom on development. You can watch the debut trailer for the game above, which is said to be running on the PlayStation 4.

Street Fighter V seems to be running on the same engine, with the addition of new particle effects on what looks like almost every attack.

The stages also are going to be multi-layered. As seen in the footage, Ryu getting punched through a wall by Chun-Li opens up a new area for the two to continue the brawl.

A release date was not mentioned.