Star Fox Wii U Will Be Released Before Zelda

Fans who are waiting to know more about the release date of the anticipated Star Fox game for Wii U, should know that the game will be heading to the console next year, ahead of Zelda’s release.

During video presentation, Miyamoto stated:

“Star Fox will arrive before the Legend of Zelda (on Wii U) next year,” He further commented on the game’s controls by saying: “The way it uses the Gamepad is really starting to feel good,”

We now know that release window for both Legend of Zelda and Star Fox, but a solid release date is yet to be announced.

Some early previews of the game suggest that the player is going to control Arwing by using the GamePad’s analog sticks while aim and fire is controlled by motion controls.

Star Fox is one of the classic Nintendo titles and fans will love to play the next installment on the company’s latest hardware.

Nintendo ended the year on a positive note and teased us with some amazing content for the coming year. I am excited to see what’s in-stored for us in 2015.