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Scrolls Officially Releases Next Week

Scrolls will finally exit its beta phase and officially release on December 11, Mojang has announced.

The card game has been in beta testing for more than a year, from its release on June 3 last year. Since then the game has been met with regular patches and updates that have added and tweaked cards based on players’ feedback.

When Scrolls launches next week, it will feature more than 350 different cards that can all be collected. Each card is unique and serves a special purpose.

It’s all up to players and their play style to decide what kind of deck they want to go for. Many cards also go well with others to create devastating combos. You’ll want to take that into consideration as well.

For example, players can summon a pretty strong unit with a weak health. These can be pretty easily taken out in the next turn and should be or else met with damaging results. However, another card can beef up the card by providing either additional HP, a shield or more.

Similar to Hearthstone, players must earn gold by playing to be able to unlock new cards from the store. All cards are available for purchase through this means, and also through real money. Shards can be bought in the Mojang store and traded for cards.

Mojang has warned that they “restrict how much you can spend to retain game balance.” Scrolls will cost $5 for new players, while beta and alpha testers will have access at no extra cost.