Rust Developers Take Us To Pre-Historic Times With Before

The Game Awards took place just a few hours ago, as we got a look at some of the highly anticipated titles that will land in 2015 and beyond. One of these newly revealed games is “Before”, which is under development at the studio that brought us the critically acclaimed survival game, Rust.

The developers made the reveal with a trailer that showcases how the game will look and play like. As you can see in the video, Before will feature different gameplay elements such as hunting, growth, crafting, and most importantly different seasons.

With time and resources, you and your tribe will grow and hierarchies, rituals, beliefs, and power structures will start to emerge. Developers also mentioned that the whole process of three seasons i.e. Winter, Autumn and Spring will take around 48 hours of “sped-up game time.”

Just like most of the survival titles, Before will focus on the exploration aspect, and more you explore more you will be able to find about the amazing world.

Before is looking stunning and if the gameplay turns out to be as good as it looks, then Before has the potential to stand on its own in the survival genre.

What do you think of the new title from the developers of Rust?