PlayStation Experience Begins With Uncharted 4 Gameplay Video

Sony’s PlayStation Experience launched a few moments ago with the debut gameplay video of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

The game was running real-time on the PlayStation 4 and featured an extensive run by the series’ protagonist Nathan Drake. The gameplay began with Drake standing on a cliff that was overlooking a vast jungle. Following that we got to see him explore a flooded cave, use his climbing prowess to scale cliffs and ledges, collect treasures, and narrowly missing death at numerous occasions.

The demonstration also showcased various covering and shooting mechanics. Enemies can now jump and climb walls with ease. Players hoping to escape pursuers by reaching out for nearby cliffs should think again.

Once the sneaking portion was done, Drake went toe-to-toe against his enemies by using his trusty gun to shoot at targets trying to hide in the foliage. At one instance he used a grappling hook to jump off a ledge and reach his next destination.

Unfortunately for Sony, the game glitched in between and Drake fell through the environment; which caused the player to restart from a previous checkpoint. That can be expected since it’s still a game in development and glitches are a part of a live demonstration.

On a whole the footage was met with mixed reception. There’s no denying that the environments look great. Naughty Dog has done well with the new installment or as we take it from what we have so far seen. There’s still that little circle of viewers who were expecting something greater than what Sony treated us tonight.

No release date was mentioned for the game and we are still clinging on to the speculated late 2015 release date.