Mario Maker Wii U Gets New Art Styles, Time To Create Your Own Mushroom Kingdom

The Game Awards 2014 gave us ton of new information about most anticipated games of 2015. Nintendo was part of the show and they shared some new details about the highly anticipated, Mario Maker.

Announced back at E3 2014, Mario Maker is one of the most fun game creation apps in development. In 2015, Wii U fans will be able to get their hands on this awesome title, to create their own mushroom kingdom and go nuts.

New footage from Mario Maker was revealed by Miyamoto himself. The video gave us a look at how we can switch between various graphical styles in a heart beat. These graphical styles are inspired by some of the key-entries in the Mario series.

Although, we first saw of this new feature back at E3, but since then, the game has been updated to include assets from more games. These games include Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3.

Apart from these art styles, it has been previously revealed that players can also switch to new Super Mario Bros U. The game will let players add or remove level properties. For example, players can remove floors or add stairs among other things.

Super Mario Bros. was one of the fist game I ever played. Going back to that will surely bring back a lot of precious childhood memories. I can’t wait to get my hands on Mario Maker, what about you?