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Killing Floor 2 and Street Fighter IV Ultra Coming To PS4 In 2015

During PSX, it has been confirmed that Tripwire Interactive’s upcoming co-op shooter Killing Floor 2 will be making its way to PlayStation 4.

Killing Floor came into being as a mod for the popular Unreal Tournament title, and now it is going to get a sequel.

Tripwire while revealing this new title stated:

The terrifying Zeds are back, bigger, badder and bloodier than ever, in this upcoming sequel where players must survive the fallout of failed corporate experiments and the wreckage left behind.

Just as you would expect, there will be variety of weapons, pistols, rifles, shotguns and katana to help make the gameplay even gorier.

Killing Floor 2 will see the light of day on PS4, sometime in the next year.

Another big announcement coming straight from Sony PSX event is that Ultra Street Fighter IV will be making its next-gen debut on PlayStation 4 in 2015.

As we already know that Ultra is an update for the original Street Fighter IV that is already available on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Arcades and iOS.

We have not received any official gameplay footage at the time of writing, but we will keep you posted as the developers reveal more.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available for PS4 owners sometime next spring.