Human Element Gets Stunning Gameplay Trailer, Release Window Confirmed

Some of you might remember Human Element from Robotoki; the game was announced back in 2012, but a lot has changed ever since then.

The development studio is headed by Robert Bowling who is known for his work on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3; so you know there is potential that this will turn out to be awesome.

That being said, Bowling took to the stage at The Game Awards 2014 to bring forth the first trailer for Human Element – and it surely looks interesting.

While the trailer is short, it does show you some of the style quotient mixed up with some serious shooting skills of the characters.

At the end of the trailer you get jumped by a zombie of course, but as the name of the game suggests, your real threat is the Human Element; so I think that is what the game will focus on a little more than other zombie apocalypse based games.

In the end Bowling also put a narrower window on the release schedule of the game by announcing that it will hit the racks for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in November next year.