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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Dev is Working on Something ‘Very Special’

The Swedish filmmaker, director, and writer Josef Fares who is widely known for his work on 2013’s highly acclaimed game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has created a new studio, Hazelight.

The studio’s first unnamed project, which can be seen above, will be published by none other than Electronic Arts.

The core team who worked on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons are also working on this untitled game. Talking about the game, Electronic Arts’ Executive Patrick Scoderlund described it as something special which he has not seen before!

Since the production is in its early phase, there was no gameplay video showcased, but the audience did witness a small teaser trailer. The trailer showcased two men on board in the heart of the night, riding away and away, and away.

You can check out the teaser above and let us know of your initial impressions!