Bloodborne New Footage Shows Combat, Some Weapons

The Game Awards 2014 kicked off with an influx of nostalgia from the likes of Mario but that is not all. Very soon, things have heated up and we have had our first look at some new Bloodborne gameplay footage.

The video in question started off with dialogues posing stern in game warnings that suggesting that if you see anything moving, you can be sure that it is a monster – so yeah, keep those weapons sharpened all the time!

The trailer showed how the combat goes down against the creatures using their unconventional weapons that include a hammer the size of a whole character as well as a flamethrower in the hands of our primary character.

Naturally, the developers didn’t share any other insights into the gameplay of Bloodborne in words, but the footage itself sure is exciting.

As far as the release dates are concerned, Bloodborne is going to hit the racks in North America on march 24, 2015 followed by European Union, Japan and United Kingdom on every consecutive day.