Xeodrifter Confirms North American Release Next Week

Developer Renegade Kid confirmed a release date for its latest project, Xeodrifter. This explorative 2D game will make its way to the Nintendo eShop on 3DS next week, December 11, for the North American audience.

Renegade Kid has been developing for Nintendo systems for some years now. As such, Xeodrifter is perfectly fit for that particular demographic, as it has several similarities to the Metroid series.

In the game, players explore four different alien environments on their interstellar journey. Each location is designed as a maze of different rooms and hallways, branching off every which way.

As the drifter progresses, they’ll obtain new power-ups that grant access to new areas that were previously out of reach. For instance, it’s possible to receive a huge vertical boost that allows for the exploration of shafts or, alternatively, a vertical push can help overcome the game’s platform elements.

Some areas are also populated by bosses that serve as a way to test the knowledge of acquired skills. It’s additionally possible to find upgrades to increase health or to equip better gun accessories.

Xeodrifter will be peppered with “special blocks” and “hidden pathways” to increase the game’s explorative feel.

The game is presented in the developer’s usual sharp yet colorful pixel art. It has used this same style on other platform titles like Mutant Mudds, so they know what they’re doing.

After Xeodrifter’s release, Renegade Kid has stated that it would work on the completion of its other outstanding projects, Treasurenauts and Moon Chronicles. It may, thereafter, start on its Dementium franchise, which recently transferred back into the developer’s hands.

There’s no word on a European release for Xeodrifter yet.