Street Fighter 5 - Teaser by VersusFightingTV">

Street Fighter V Trailer Leaked, Coming Exclusively to PS4 and PC?

An announcement trailer for Street Fighter V has leaked online which unveils the title as a Playstation 4 and PC exclusive.

According to NEOGAF user UnluckyKate, the title is leaked via YouTube video which has been set as ‘Private’. While Capcom has not officially confirmed the game’s exclusivity, we might hear more at Playstation Experience or at The Game Awards 2014.

The trailer itself heavily focuses on eSports scene and features epic moments from Street Fighter history as well as pro-players like Daigo Umehara. We have found ‘Versus Fighting TV’s video on DailyMotion which you can check above; before it is taken down by Capcom.

While the out-of-place animation reads ‘EXCLUSIVELY ON PS4 AND PC’, I would not be surprised if this turns out to be a timed-exclusive; similar to Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One and PC. We are trying to reach out to Capcom for further confirmation and will report back.

We have also got our hands on a handful of screenshots which you can see in the gallery below:

Earlier this week, Capcom teased that they are working on a Playstation 4 title.

While many fans hoped for a new Devil May Cry or Dragon’s Dogma, it looks like Street Fighter V is the teased title. While we wait for an official confirmation from Capcom, here’s what Chief Producer of the competitive fighting franchise, Tekken has to say about the leak:

Do you think Street Fighter V is another timed exclusive under Playstation 4’s belt?