Resogun Announced for PlayStation 3 Along With Defenders Expansion

Following a PEGI listing from earlier this week, Sony has officially confirmed Resogun for a release on the PlayStation 3.

In addition to that the publisher also announced an expansion for the game. The Defenders expansion will feature two new game modes called Protector and Commando. There will also be new ships, as well as new planets and challenges to go through.

Resogun is scheduled for a digital release alongside the PlayStation Vita version on December 17 in Europe and December 23 in North America. Both versions will be priced at $14.99 and feature cross-buy and cross-save. Players can transfer their save files across the platforms and continue play from one to another.

Sony has also confirmed that the game will receive a major content patch for everyone alongside the release of the expansion pack. A release date is still to be revealed and will arrive at a later date.

Resogun was originally released for the PlayStation 4 and was overall received with warm reviews and praised for its exceptional gameplay, visuals and soundtrack.