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PS4 Is The Fastest Selling Console In New Zealand

PlayStation 4 has been enjoying a great deal of success since its launch late last year, and according to the latest reports, the console has sold over 15 million units in an year which is quite an achievement.

Not only Sony’s new console is doing well in US and Europe, it is also doing great in New Zealand. Sony has revealed that since the release of new gen platforms, the gaming industry in the New Zealand has risen up to 92%, and Sony’s PS4 makes up 46% of this growth.

This proves the PlayStation brand continues to be the favorite place to play for New Zealand gamers.

In addition to being the fastest selling console released during the past decade in New Zealand, PS4 has consistently remained the number one next-gen console since its release in November 2013, according to data from NPD Group Australia.

PS4 didn’t have a lot of exclusives this fall but that will change in early 2015, when players will be able to get their hands on The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne.

You can catch some new footage of both of these titles later today at Game Awards 2014, and starting tomorrow both of these games will be available to play at the PlayStation Experience event along with a plethora of other titles.

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