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‘NAOS GQ’ is a Gaming Mouse Capable of Evaluating Stress Levels During Gaming

PC gaming is evolving with every passing day. We see new Processors, GPUs, peripherals and a ton of new tech every day.

Recently, Mionix Labs has come up with their new product on Kickstarter. It is actually a gaming mouse which has the ability to analyze how your body will work internally when you are gaming.

The new mouse or as the creators call it ‘world’s first smart gaming mouse’ has been named NAOS GQ. It will allow you to keep track of your heart rate, skin response, action per minute and movement data.

Before starting the gaming session, you will choose which of the available sensor activities you would like your NAOS GQ to perform and it will keep you notified of that particular stat during the whole session.

At the end of each session, you will be given a whole chart showcasing the most stressful moments.

If your team mates are using the same mouse, then you will be able to check out their stress levels as well, which will give you an insight on how they will react in certain situations.

Due to a lot of complexities involved in development of NAOS GQ, creators need funds. Due to this reason, they are asking interested players for their support.