Lizard Squad Takes Down Steam Servers with DDoS Attack

The recent years have seen an astonishing increase in the number of DDoS attacks being made by hackers on major companies and franchises. This self-proclaimed war seems like it is going to go on until some stringent measures are taken against it.

The latest episode in all this was another DDoS attack on none other than Valve’s digital distribution service, Steam

Lately we have heard the name of Lizard Squad pop up more than a few times – almost always in relation to some servers being downed – and apparently this too was their doing.

The Twitter profile of Lizard Squad usually sends out tweets announcing that they have taken down a certain game etc. and this time was no different. They initially tweeted that they were ‘cooking something up as we speak.’

Their next tweet was a bit more precise as it went ‘we’ve got lizards in a few Valves’ – surely they know their way around pun! Next they announced that the Steam servers had been taken down saying:

Woops. There goes 2 million Steam users.

However, the matter seems to have been short lived as Valve looks like the have brought up everything back to normal already. If you check out this Steam Status website you will see that all of the servers are working just fine now except for three in United States and three in China.

As far as Valve itself is concerned, they have kept their lips zipped all along meaning we don’t have a confirmation on what exactly went down.

Stay tuned and we will keep you in on anything else that pops up.