Halo 5: Guardians Beta Will Take Almost 10GB of Your Disk Space

While 343 is yet to reveal the install size of Halo 5’s multiplayer beta, one user on redit was kind enough to share an image of the beta’s listing on Xbox Games Store.

According to the image (posted above), Halo 5: Guardians beta will have a 10.27 GB install size. Which is a hefty download for players with slower internet connections. Still, if we compare it to the 20 GB Halo: The Master Chief day-one patch, it’s only half as big.

Since this is not an official reveal, size may differ when the beta starts.

If you wish to access the beta, you must purchase Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This will give you guaranteed access to three weeks of non-stop Halo 5 multiplayer action.

Multiplayer beta will start on December 29 and will feature 7 maps with 3 game modes. The beta is tailored to feature small maps that will focus on 4v4 area matches.

In addition to 3 game modes, there will also be 11 weapons and a number of armor sets which the player can customize.

Moreover, you will have some new abilities at their disposal such the “clamber”, which will allow your spartan to climb up wall with a press of a button.

Among other abilities, we have the “ground pound”, which will allow you to launch yourself from an elevated position by using your thruster pack, to perform a ground pound. This can cause damage to nearby enemies, or even kill the opponent if performed correctly.