GOG Puts Up Giant Winter Sale

As is customary with the end of the year, a lot of online fronts are putting up large sales. Classic PC game merchant, GOG.com, has opened its 2014 DRM-free Big Winter Sale with hundreds of titles receiving discounts that vary between 20% and 90%.

Its system puts up entire packs of similar games up for sale for the whole day. Alongside that, hourly deals pop up on the store’s landing page, with the addition of upcoming games being put in the revolving roster.

Today’s bundled selection contains the Leisure Suit Larry series, a selection of Sid Meier titles and the Rayman franchise. In particular, take a look the Sid Meier one, as it holds some amazing classics, like the pirate game, Colonization and Alpha Centauri, the predecessor to the recent Beyond Earth release.

Another title given a longer discount on GOG right now is the roleplaying game (RPG), Divinity: Original Sin. It’s marked down 20%, putting it at €31.99, but it’s one of the site’s Fair Price Package deals, which makes it a better option for Europeans than Steam, for instance.

The way this works is that you’ll still purchase the game at the same price as Steam, but you get refunded an amount in store credit. For Divinity: Original Sin, the credit comes to €6.60, which lets you buy that Sid Meier pack without additional costs.

At the time of writing, there are also interesting deals that put up Screencheat at 50% off, Divinity: Dragon Commander 80% off and Wasteland 2 with a 33% discount.  It’s mostly strategy and RPG, but more action-oriented games like Luftrausers are coming in the next slots.