Fire Gets A Release Date. The Game, Not The Concept.

Developer Daedalic Entertainment has a release date for one of its PC adventures, Fire. It will come to Steam on January 6, 2015.

It’s currently possible to preorder the game ahead of time. Normally, the game costs $9.99 or a less equal €9.99 for unfortunate Europeans, but the early purchase comes with a 10% discount.

Fire puts its focus right there in the title. A prehistoric Neanderthal, named Ungh, is in charge of the tribe’s flames. Unfortunately, the fire goes out during Ungh’s watch, which forces the poor soul to look for a new light.

Travels will take the Neanderthal to several different locations. This world, featuring 10 hand-drawn scenes, has a thick cartoon style and colorful atmosphere.

A feature that links Fire to its simpler times is that adventures will have no text or dialogue whatsoever. Instead, characters will communicate with depictions, a model also used in the popular point and click game, Machinarium.

There will be several logic puzzles in Fire. Apparently, it will involve time travel and the ability to change into an animal.

If you’re a fan of puzzling adventures, you usually can’t go wrong with a game from Daedalic, as the studio has been covering the genre extensively over the past years. Its titles include the Deponia series, The Whispered World and Edna & Harvey.

Music in Fire will be done by the same composer who worked on another adventure from the developer, called The Night of the Rabbit.