Destiny: The Dark Below Expansion Gets a Launch Trailer

With almost every major expansion release, we get launch footages which are meant to get us excited just before the release. Same is the case with Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below.

The footage you see above is from the launch trailer of the upcoming expansion and shows us what adventures lie ahead. The new expansion will feature some content that will remain exclusive to PlayStation until the fall of 2015.

It also features new weapons, missions and an armor that is going to boost your guardian to level 32. Moreover, a new character called Eris will appear in the tower, and will assign you bounties.

The expansion features the following three story missions:

  • The Veil Lifted
  • The Seeding
  • The Wakening

Moreover, the expansion features the following strike missions:

  • Will of Cortana
  • The Undying Mind (PlayStation Exclusive)

Apart from the content mentioned above, The Dark Below will contain one Raid and three Crucible maps. You can get The Dark Below as part of the expansion pass for $35.00. If you don’t own the expansion pass, The Dark Below will set you back $19.99.