Bungie Clears Destiny’s Third Subclass Slot Ambiguities

For all the classes and subclass that you are playing in Destiny, you would have seen a vacant spot as you achieve the level cap. This third subclass slot had not been explained by the developers so far.

Obviously, the fans wanted to know what it was about which is why Tyson Green the lead designer finally explained what it is about:

The reason why there’s that third subclass slot there, is that some people may recall that we used to have a mechanism for sealing a build and locking your choices in, which would give your build a boost. The game would let you make another copy of that build. That’s what the slot is there for.

So actually, this is where Bungie is making room for, say, a time when you would want to ‘make a copy of your arc titan build because you just locked the other one.’

This gives you another scoop into the game’s future; you see, the subclasses are swappable and even though Bungie is says that ‘it shouldn’t be read as a tacit promise,’ it should bring in some new excitement to the game.

Maybe they are going to bring you a new subclass in the future? Fingers crossed!

In parallel news, it has also been confirmed that the game is not going to get ranked matchmaking while the Looking for Game (LFG) feature is certainly coming. Other than that, you can also get more information on the PlayStation exclusive content of The Dark Below by going here.

Coming back to the subclasses, what would you like to see in the form of a new subclass for the three classes that you have in Destiny