WWE 2K15 Save Game Data on PS4/ Xbox One Gets Wiped by a Glitch

Only two weeks ago, the developers of WWE 2K15 had released fixed to get rid of some of the glitches and other bugs that were being faced by the users especially the one that crashed the game if you went online.

However, it seems the troubling days of Visual Concepts are far from over. Apparently, another bug is on a rampage all over the game.

What happens is that a form appears on screen multiple times where the terms and conditions of usage are written. As soon as you hit accept, all the saved game data is wiped.

In total, there are apparently three things that are being lost at the hands of the said glitch. The first thing is that all the progress you have made in the game’s 2K Rivalries Showcase mode will be lost. Secondly, if the glitch gets to work all the items that you have unlocked will get lost.

Last but not the least; you will also lose any of the progress that you have made in the Universe Mode of the game.

However, the glitch doesn’t wipe off everything else; your downloaded DLC will be intact, all the progress you have made in the My Career Mode will not be changed and the leaderboard rankings will also not be harmed.

So far, we don’t know what the developers are going to do about it but I am sure they will react soon.

We have only picked up word that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of WWE 2K15 is being affected by the glitch; has anyone of you faced something similar in the PS3 and Xbox 360 version?