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World of Tanks Blitz On Android With iOS Cross-Play

Mobile devices can now play World of Tanks Blitz, regardless of brand. Its latest update brings the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game to Android devices.

Previously, the shrunken version of publisher Wargaming’s biggest title was available on iOS. On that platform alone, the game amassed over 10 million downloads.

Its undetermined user base on iOS, which is different than downloads, plays World of Tanks Blitz daily at an average of 60 minutes in 20 minute sessions.

With the inclusion of its latest version, Wargaming can offer cross-platform play between Android and iOS, so you’ll instantly have a large community to connect to, when starting the game.

World of Tank Blitz has pushed through update 1.5, codenamed British Steel. Its titular addition brings ten more British tanks to the game.

There’s also a new map for users to blast each other to bits: Winter Malinovka. It’s a rather topical addition, since its village and bleak mountains are draped in snowfall, which fits the season nicely.

There’s also a new Crew System in World of Tank Blitz that allows tanks to diversify their abilities with recruits that can each learn skills. These abilities include less recoil, more penetration or a smoother ride.

You’ll only need 45Mb to download World of Tank Blitz on Android, though MMO’s tend to update with additional downloads periodically. This app requires Android 4.0 and up to function.

Wargaming has provided a giant compatibility list to see if your device will run World of Tank Blitz.