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World of Darkness Looked Awesome; Cancelled After 9 Years

You might already know about this from July this year, but a game named World of Darkness was cancelled earlier this year after having been in development for as many as nine years!

What brings this up now are a bunch of concept art images that have been released by a freelance artist, Erling Sævarsson, who actually spent six whole years working on the game’s concept only to find out it was never going to materialize.

You can check out each one of the images in the gallery below or visit this website to see more of the artist’s work.

However, after checking out these images you would be wondering why would something as amazing like this get booted? Well, the reason was something really, really sad; CCP poached away developers and mismanaged the game’s development until it was no longer on track.

A former developer and game master at CCP, Nick Blood says that during his time with the game, many of the developers working on World of Darkness were sent away to work on other expansion projects, and he continued:

There were plenty of developers who would get redirected to create Eve content for three to six month cycles… During these times, World of Darkness development was significantly slowed down. I remember the upper management often exasperatedly trying to figure out what to do with the remaining staff for a six-month period while their artists and programmers were busy elsewhere.

Wouldn’t you have liked to see World of Darkness actually make it to your consoles and PCs? At least I would have!