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Toys Vs Monsters Selects Price And 3DS Release Date

Publisher EnjoyUp Games has confirmed a price and release date for its latest title, Toys Vs Monsters. It will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on December 18, 2014 and cost $3.99, directly transitioned as both €3.99 and £3.99, dependent on location.

For its price, the company took to the gaming community at large. It asked to give Toys Vs Monsters a price in between 2.99 and 7.99, which naturally didn’t get the highest tag voted up.

As the name might give away, Toys Vs Monsters is a tower defense game, where two opposing factions battle each other. You’ll be in charge of toys, which come with different units that have an individual cost.

Units include a piggy bank, a rubber ducky and even a hungry, hungry hippo. Characters can be put on a tile grid that can be powered by batteries. Some special skills can be bought as well.

Equally so, the monster faction will have individual enemies. These foes range from smaller aliens to giants.

Battles take place across multiple locations, such as a toy factory or a fairground. It’s said that Toys Vs Monsters offers over 20 hours of strategic battles.

Sure, Toys Vs Monsters is pretty much an adapted version of the popular Plants Vs Zombies, but it isn’t exactly a costly venture, if you’re really looking for more tower defense titles on 3DS.

In the past, publisher EnjoyUp Games has released tons of titles for the Nintendo eshop, both on 3DS and DS, as well as Wii U. Recently, the company added the side-scrolling brawler Rock Zombie to its list of releases.